Vision: respected business
Continue to listen and meet user needs, guide and exceed user needs, to win the respect of users;
Through the promotion of corporate status and brand image, so that employees with a high degree of corporate honor and pride, to win respect for employees;
Pay attention to corporate responsibility, caring society, contribute to the community, to win social respect.


Mission: To improve the quality of human life through technology
So that products and services into people 's lives, for people to bring convenience and pleasure;


Comply with national laws and company system, not violate the enterprise high-voltage line;
The first person to do morality, adhere to fairness, honesty, trustworthiness and other important principles of doing things;
With the power of righteousness to have a positive impact on the surrounding.

Diligent and efficient implementation;
The courage to take responsibility, take the initiative to meet new tasks and challenges;
Keep curiosity, continuous learning, the pursuit of excellence.

Open and win-win mentality, and industry partners to share growth;
Willing to share professional knowledge and work experience, and colleagues to grow.

The purpose of innovation is to create value for users;
Everyone can be innovative, everything can be innovative;
Dare to break through, the courage to try, fear of failure, good at summing up.


Business philosophy: all to the user value
Pay attention to long-term development, not because of commercial interests harm the user value;
Attention and a deep understanding of user needs, and constantly to excellence in products and services to meet user needs;
Emphasis on communication with the user, respect for user experience, and the user a total of growth.


Management philosophy: concerned about staff growth
To provide staff with a good working environment and incentive mechanism;
Improve the staff training system and career development channel, so that employees get the same time with the growth of enterprises happy;
Fully respect and trust the staff, and constantly guide and encourage, so that the joy of their achievements.