We need the most suitable people rather than the best people.
We welcome the most outstanding talent to join, but we emphasize even more on their values and compatibility with Agile’s culture during selection.
Emphasis on the optimal collocation of our workers’ ability and the requirements of the position. 
We pay attention on fitting the most suitable workers to specific positions and the mutual complement among team members for better performance. 
Emphasis on internal promotion and bringing workers’ potentials into full play through competition. 
When vacant positions are available, internal selection and promotion is preferred provided that the internal candidate has the same capability as external candidate. We encourage selecting the right candidates from competition.
Abiding by the belief of mutual gain of corporate and employees; value adding of employees drives the development of the company, at the same time the development of the company creates room for adding value to the employees.
Continuous enhancement of training and development system and multi-route promotion mechanism allow employees to fit their duties well while realizing the growth of quality and self-value as well as meeting new challenges, which can stimulate the internal flow of manpower and bring into full play the development of human capital.