HADES TECHNOLOGY push-pull tubular lever lock offer people a more convenient way to live.

2017/8/8 9:24:30

 push-pull tubular lever lock push-pull tubular lever lock

We know that home door, bathroom door will install a lock, and people in and out of the room need to twist lock handle or knob to open the door. This is the use of the history since the lock.

Nowadays, with the rapid development of the world, life is more convenient, can our door lock access to the room also bring more convenience? Like a door without a lock, it can be moved in and out at will through a handle push.

Think again, our hands are holding things, we go back to the room, do we have to put down something, at least one hand, to unlock the door? Then whether there will be a door, through the body any part to push away.

Our company has developed it to bring people a convenient way of life, PUSH-PULL TUBULAR LEVER LOCK.

Fast open lockpush-pull tubular lock

Our company has entered the experiment work:

1. Replacement of tubular locks and cylinder locks.

2. Do not need professional installation personnel, completely DIY.

3. Democratized prices for people.

tubular lever lock 

Yes, now there are a lot of all kinds of electronic locks, but people don't need, these expensive products are not suitable for our room, and people need is a simple, mechanical lock, and economical.

Our company is offering the best solution.

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