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Access electric locking knowledge

2016/3/25 13:54:50

     Access to the electric locking access control system is an important part of the implementation of the access control systems and key equipment, if the access control systems compare a person's words, power locks can be compared to the hands and feet, and the entire access control system Stability. If an access control system controller and readers are good, if the electric locking the quality problems, the same cause, such as trying to open the door, affect the acceptance and use.

     Access control equipment for the implementation of major electronic locks, cross the revolving door, the three club gates, Daozha controllable, such as electronic machinery and equipment; paper for electronic locks for Detailed Explanation: electronic locks, including into Lock (lock anode ), Cathode Lock (electric locking mouth), magnetic locks, electric control locks; inserted, two-way lock for more than 180 ° to open the door of the occasion, its reliability, aesthetics and practicality are good, power locks itself into a lower failure , The system often because of equipment failures at the door of the spring, because of quality problems often can not be normal closure in place. In order to strengthen the system and stability, the general quality of a good choice as a basic guarantee for the spring, then install a positioning-in door frames, this way we can meet the practical needs. Locks commonly used in the electromagnetic field open for one-way door, its reliability, practicality can fully meet the needs of users. Electromagnetic lock their own fault is very low, as long as the circuit wiring is correct, generally do not need any maintenance work, closed its doors because of the machinery hit smaller, it will be widely used in the future residents of the floor, speaking to open the door system. Xinhua locking production process requirements because of their low technological content is not high, thus the Chinese mainland at present, there are many manufacturers can produce such products.