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Unlock prevention techniques

2016/4/9 11:36:49

First, what lock easily be destroyed
1. Vol iron door lock was damaged heart - easily.
2. Padlock of the ordinary - easy to cut, knock bad.
3. Generally with the help of Ba lock --- easily be destroyed, to open violence.
4. Auxiliary lock (cone protruding door of the kind) --- easily be forced open the damage.
5. Attaches to the outside of the electrical switching box iron door lock Volume --- easily be forced open.
6. Locks three separate hearts - a lock to open easily be violence. (With lock when not to pay attention to lock locksmith lazy heart fixed-fixed fixed)
7. Locks heart (insert the key to turning the place) from copper (such as steam locomotive lock) the structure more vulnerable - vulnerable to sabotage
8. Steam locomotive - prone to violence-twisting lock bad.
9. Subordinate goods locomotive tires lock --- easily be cut. Cheap goods to help you think about good car? ?
10. Chou Tisuo easily be destroyed - not to take precious things.
11. In general - because of the aluminum door lock structure is very fragile heart easily be destroyed.
Second, how to lock maintenance
1. Do not lock Lin Yu Xin. Flushed, because there are small spring will not rust failure flexible o
2. Locomotive key not Yitai Chuan contact with the locomotive in running, swaying and weight will be key to lock wear heart, the key will skidded off a long time o
3. Insert key or not taking, sprayed some light lubricants, (w40) can not Tainong activities of the oil will not o
4. Some lock heart is not refuelling, and (rarely) Zimu-lock heart ------- o
5. Locks bad switch, spray lubricants in more oblique Sheshang o
6. Automatic locking (three paragraphs. Es4. 5), a small gap can not be too tight, (such as when the lock can be hand-pushed open the door) locks easy to bad o
7. Peeked can not be too easy to sweep aside and sloshing noises o
8. Security door has spent lattice-type, anti-Shenru be used wire hook of the ramp open automatically lock to lock Rafah, the doors opened o
9. Do not use keys to direct opened the door, keys to open locks, lock heart did not directly pull back in situ key to open the door, the lock will not tell you how long the protest Shui Baibai.
Third, locked, were themselves locked, a key trying to open
1. Horn lock will be locked, were locked in the room to go or not to Jin, also trying to open with keys, it is inclined tongue latching from the Application List system failure, unable to grip idling driven oblique tongue:
◎ surface, when people: to find a small wire or --- ?in the neck in the grip of a small hole areas, to the inline-card tenon grip at the same time Wang Waila, undocked from the grasp after Hugai prised open, 2 Fixed screws find ways to open, lock out only launch ramp tongue, or find a Jianzui clamp-mouth screwdriver, will be inclined to cross the tongue driven hook for not Songshou, let go after the shells back, Zaitui open the door. 's It!
◎ when people outside: to find a pair of pliers or water pipe clamp olecranon, clamping pull Ba lock-twisting grip strength and grasp the cover and turn left lock out, and then lock in to knock out (due to inability to Wang Waila , The lock was stuck in the building) will be inclined to see the tongue, or find a Jianzui clamp-mouth screwdriver, will be inclined to cross the tongue driven hook for not Songshou, let go after the shells back, Zaitui open the door. 's It! !
☆ the event of an emergency situation may be a result of this method ☆ lock has been proposed to find fault locksmith handling o
2. Three of the lock because of locked-twisting and no Niukai forced to close, at this time also trying to open a key only to find locksmith what not to deal with ---- ?Qichuang the only climb into the broken glass ----- -- -- Juduan iron railings ?----- o
4. Automatically lock, the child will not be locked inside Niukai (mostly 2 - 4-year-old child playing like locked-twisting), then you will not tense shouting, but will terrified children, induced him to open the door slowly, induced by his anti-clockwise To open (if you stand at the door, in the face of the door, which is to turn your right hand side) if five of the lock, some from top to bottom Bankai, the downward pull is - open.
5. Most likely to be locked car, the sensor failure or do not care press tone lock, was locked close to leave at this time - the best locksmith to help, their indiscriminate hook from the Application List may be driven at or wires, all kinds of vehicles - Type structure is different and easy to pull the hook or how much damage was Gouzhu.
Fourth, the doors, lock all of a sudden trying to open
1. Closed violence, the (mostly Mandrax to be closed by a wind gust Chuidong) speakers tongue-lock ramp from the Application List system failure, or doors twisted or Suoshe fixed protruding screw loose, stuck trying to open door frames.
a. If the loudspeaker at the lock, this situation see "how do I locked the text."
b. If auxiliary locks, (the steel doors are installed in, sulphur and Tongmen) is Suoshe hands ramps or fixed screw loose tongue protrusion, stuck trying to open door frames. (Mouth-to find a screwdriver, peeked from the protrusion of the screws, to be returned to within the targeted).
2. Impeded foreign body, the handle or key to Niukai. (Please make sure doors are to open within or out of a person standing in the face, forced the door open - to pull within, which opened the door when Wang Waitui. People standing outside when the doors open - to force in pushing , Which opened the door when Wang Waila. Ease of cards, and easily twisted to open the door).
3. Please locksmith to unlock, said trying to open a broken lock, you believe that? ? At this point, you can find an opening to open, I often encountered on the lock opens, the main talent is a secondary Xianggao, surprised by the fact the open, on an open for a long time trying to open, that is Trying to open a broken lock, to the replacement (a good point locks, and the maintenance of normal use, the use of 10 years no problem) Some shops will lock the pretext of trying to open, require replacement, some technical problems Some do not want to spend too much time to unlock. (It's best to find a fixed, reliable credit lock shop services)
4. Vehicle with the key can not open the door, there are two conditions:
a. from the outside with a key can not be opened from inside the pull-lock button or switch, can Bankai door, lock the situation is heart-driven take off, (or have asked people to use their pull hook at the car door locks , The most vulnerable to lock hook took off his heart-driven). (Within the doors of the decorative plates removed, the heart of the lock-driven, hook with back-targeted)
b. from the outside with a key, lock-driven (straight-lock pole can be seen under the dynamic, horizontal is moving around, can not hear the voice switching action) or from the inside surface can pull-lock, But I can not Bankai doors, the situation is the fault tone lock the doors, the internal spring-tone lock broken or stuck not flexible.