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Lock into a touch-and the two magnetic induction

2016/4/9 11:40:18

Lock into a touch-and the two magnetic induction, the touch-basically withdrew from the market. Judgement, a magnetic induction into the pros and cons of locks, in the following areas:
      1, shoot into the diameter
      Suitable to 15-16 mm
      2, high and low voltage
      General Electric lock can be inserted in between the 10 V-18V, individual manufacturers also do 28 V, a lock on power supply, the pressure to test its resistance value of high-pressure, high-pressure test in the temperature rise should not exceed 20 degrees, usually in about five minutes can be measured. Lock in the commencement of greater power consumption, reduced standby power consumption when more than half.
      3, the power locks into the opposite direction, into shoot upward movement, listening to his voice啪for the good, bad for the porphyrin; request to be capable 500-1000 g under pressure over the weight.
      4, restore power
      Pop-up has been inserted in the middle of the shoot on the Afterburner 200-300 g (of the direction for the shoot into the vertical direction), to shoot into the normal work of the locks can be Yongshou Pai, test shoot into the pop-up flexibility And restore power.
      5, orientation
      Pins inserted in the exit of the Rings with plastic, has played its role in guiding and to observe whether there is a tilt into Shoot, biased.
      6, breaking the magnetic circuit
      The main lock away the bottom of the disk, lock into fixed shoot must be maintained (distance away must be greater than 5 cm), this method used to test when the magnetic locks off the work. As long as poor-quality locks in the magnetic circuit at which a thick paper, can lead to Locks of work (to recover inserted Shoot).
      7, lock the feedback line
      2 batteries for the wireless circuit-board or start with the current standby current of the sub-locks, only the power cord of plus or minus 3 batteries for a power line, an increase of plus or minus a lock-detection (normally NO, sharing negative earthing ), Plus or minus 5 core to have increased the power cord, or a group of door-lock-detection (a group of three lines, NO, NC, COM); 6 Core Core 5 on the basis of an increase in switching signal line (shared Ground-negative); 8-to have positive and negative power cables to increase after a group of door-detection (three lines) and a set of lock-detection (three lines), 10 in the 8-core on the basis of an increase Group switching lines.
      8, the temperature fuse
      Does not have the locks temperature fuse when the temperature rose to a certain value at the lack of protection will result in lock burn or cause even greater consequences, and fuse with a temperature of the locks in a certain value can be interrupted when electric power locks; Such temperature is divided into a fuse, is a common fuse, fractured dissolved to be replaced this fuse, and the other is with reset function, suspended, waiting for a certain period of time could be back to normal.
      9, switching signals
      Switching signal is generally passive signals, but passive vulnerable to signal interference, so there is a light coupled with the function of switching signals.
       Intelligent access control products in developed countries is closely related to people's lives. We do not quite familiar with the entire Cross revolving door closed, in a foreign country has been very common use. In the United States and Europe Station, where the Subway people flow great, they are to improve pedestrian circulation, flat rate fare is one of the initiatives, the Beijing subway station a few non-trip fares unity, control the flow of the Cross is all closed the revolving door. Intelligent access Yizipaikai current limit the use of unilateral control, that is entering and leaving a different channel. All of the channel without a television monitor manpower management, customer choice of each coin or magnetic sensors votes through the door Cross, rotating 120 degrees automatically reset, once only through one person. Induction (or coin), release, adoption, reset, the cycle shoulder the subway crowd control and management fees of responsibility.